Salt Bae serving salt in his restaurant Nusret Steak Salt Bae serving salt in his restaurant Nusret Steak

The Salt Bae controversial video that is trending in USA

Millions of Twitter users have been stunned by one of the craziest restaurant reactions ever. Salt Bae, the famous Turkish butcher, restaurant owner and Internet celebrity was filming a girl twerking until the most unexpected happened. The video has been viewed over 8 million times in less than 5 hours. Watch it below!

  • His legal name is Nusret Gökçe and became an Internet sensation after his videos where he added salt funnily to meat.
  • He opened 21 restaurants around the world and keeps posting videos preparing food and working out.
  • Opened in Boston this September but it was closed by public health due to COVID-19 violations.
  • In the following video, fans reacted to the way he filmed and to the customer's reaction.

This situation happened in the newest of the 21 Salt Bae's restaurants around the world in Boston, Massachusetts. Prizes of a steak go from $150 to $700 dollars if you want to have it wrapped in gold.

 The restaurant has been shut down now for healthy reasons. There are several readings to this video. Who is this guy? Sources say it's her brother, but others confirm it's her boyfriend.

Regardless the answer, we are in 2020, and the face the girls makes after she has been 'discovered' is of someone who is afraid of the consequences. What happened next, no one knows.

Users took Twitter over to make fun of the celebrity restaurateur, who has over 30 million followers on his Instagram where he shows his daily activities, surrounded by celebrities like David Beckham, Lebron James and DJ Khaled. 

Users trolling Salt Bae

The mix of humor, controversy regarding women's freedom and the public figure of Salt Bae made this the video of the week and sparkled several other issues that luckily, the United States is slowly addressing. 

Watch his most famous videos below:

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