Ghislaine Maxwell

The New York trial of Epstein's girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell

Ghislaine Maxwell had the first hearing in the Brooklyn Detention Center after she was arrested in her mansion in New Hampshire via video call, due to Covid-19 infection risk. Her requests were denied and she could be facing a life in prison. Read more below for more information.  

  • She used her connections to introduce Epstein to VIP circles, including Prince Andrew (the son of the Queen Elizabeth II) and former United States President, Bill Clinton.
  • Jeffrey Epstein's ex-girlfriend is accused of having helped and facilitated minors assaults.

She was denied the $5 million bond her defense offered due to the high risk of escape that she presents. She has 3 passports (French, British and American) and properties all over the world where she could go.

Netflix series "Filthy Rich" showed the role of Maxwell into luring young girls to "massage" Epstein and the creation of a pyramid scheme with money for underage girls. She is now accused of 6 charges that could give her a sentence of 35 years in jail. Giving that she is 58 years old, this is probably a life sentence.

Ghislaine Maxwell during her trial videocall. Source: Reuters

The accuser testified from the Brooklyn High-Security Detention Center, where New York authorities ordered to remove even clothes and sheets from the cell. She is wearing paper clothing that would eventually break if she tries to commit suicide like Epstein did after a month of being detained.

Ghislaine pleaded "Not guilty" and she asked if she could move to a luxury hotel in Manhattan for house arrest, but it was denied due to the escape risk.

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