The boring company tunnel The boring company tunnel

The Boring Company Loop tunnel in Las Vegas is almost ready

After being stuck in traffic in Los Angeles, South African entrepreneur and Tesla owner Elon Musk decided to create a solution: an underground tunnel where cars can travel up to 127 miles per hour (ca. 200 km/h). The first one is almost ready. Check it out!

  • The Boring Company was founded after Musk tweeted it as a joke.
  • He said if he sold 50.000 hats with the company logo, he would invent a flamethrower.
  • After selling every hat, he produced the famous flamethrower and also fire extinguishers: he sold everything again.
  • Now, he is keen into building 3D underground tunnels to improve the traffic in major U.S. cities and the world.

Elon Musk, has a net worth of almost $70 billion, is a dreamer and achiever. Almost everything he sets up his mind into doing, he accomplishes it. And The Boring Company tunnel is no exception. Let’s remember this is a guy that created PayPal, SpaceX, Tesla and other successful ventures.

The tunnel with a Tesla car. Source: The Boring Company

The first tunnel is located in Las Vegas city center, is about 1.14 miles (1.83 km) long and it will help drivers to get from point A to point B almost 4 times faster than on the street (in the video test they managed to beat the normal 4:44 minutes in 1:36). Expansion plans are happening already, with the Dugout Loop, a new tunnel that connects Hollywood with Dodgers Baseball stadium in Los Angeles.

Several other cities showed interest for the proposal, including Washington and Baltimore, as well as San Jose (California). Chicago also approved the connection between the city center with the airport, something that lasts 45 minutes and will be made in just 12. Ah, and the cars will be driving with the autonomous system, so you just need to lay back and relax.

Boring Tunnel construction site. Source: The Boring Company

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