The her with his sister

The 6-year-old hero who saved his sister from a dog attack

What could have been a deathly tragedy ended in minor damage thanks to the bravery of a boy in the city of Cheyenne, Wyoming. This is the kind of hero the United States needed after so many tragedies. Watch the video below!  

  • Nicole Walker, the aunt of the kids posted the story and an emotional photo on Instagram.
  • She said "My six-year-old nephew Bridger saved his little sister's life by putting himself between her and a dog that attacked her"
  • Bridger took his sister away from the attacking dog and saved her life.

The brave hero received almost 100 stitches on his face, but luckily no vital organ was damaged. He could have lost an eye during the attack. What left the whole Internet in tears was what Bridger said afterwards

"If someone had to die, I thought it must be me."

Bridger with his sister received an incredible video of Chris Evans

People from all over the country offered to donate money to support the brave kid but the aunt instead, gave 2 military veterans associations links where people could donate to.

Bridger is already showing signs of improvement

She only requested to Avengers actors Robert Downey Jr, Chris Hemsworth and Tom Holland to send a video congratulating the kid, who is a fan of their movies. And they did! Because the aunt also mentioned that Bridger loves geology, he received rare stones from all over the country as gifts.

At the end, she also clarified they don't have any resentment towards the owners of the dogs, who are, according to the aunt, "very good people".

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