TEN in Paint Me Naked Music Video

Ten's new music video 'Paint Me Naked' is out and starts trending worldwide

The Thai rapper found the secret formula. The NCT singer released his new music video, with a catchy (and controversial) title, amazing choreography and incredible scenery. He followed the steps of BTS and Blackpink and composed this song in English. Watch the beautiful music video, below! 

  • In less than one hour of the release on August 10th, the song reached the first position on iTunes in countries like the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Brazil and Indonesia.
  • From Ten's first single in 2017, 'Dream in a Dream', the artist improved his singing and dancing skills. 


Ten's new music video 'Paint Me Naked'

The lyrics, entirely written in English, left fans speechless after he revealed his wish to fall in love and be unique. The colorful music video helped to embrace the energy and the liberating feeling of taking risks in love. 

"Like a Picture I can see our love running wild"

SM Town built anticipation for this new song by sharing teaser photos and videos for 'Paint Me Naked' the last days. They gave K-Pop fans a clear idea of the looks they were going to expect in the music video, and the reality was even better.  Finally, during the first hour of the release, the artist shared a story on his Instagram inviting everyone to listen to the song. He also wished his 8 million fans to have a beautiful day and ended up with a love wish:

"May love be by your side"

Ten's Instagram story for 'Paint Me Naked'

After his post, Ten's fandom started several trends on Twitter with new dancing challenges, with Photoshop skills and sharing the success of the song around the world using hashtags like #PaintWithThen #PaintMeNaked and #PaintMeNakedChallenge. As you might know, Ten loves his fans and to connect with them. He took over LYSN Bubble, the platform to communicate with fans where he thanked everyone and encourage his fans to keep sharing and being creative with the trends. We will surely see more on the live performances of Ten around the world in the following months! Watch the music video, below:

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