Taeyong from NCT smiling

Taeyong from NCT opens Instagram account and breaks record!

The talented singer just made history. He opened his personal Instagram account '@eh_ovo_nct' and managed to gain 1 million followers in less than 2 hours with a dance video! K-Pop fans made an incredible effort and helped the singer to trend on Twitter dancing Post Malone's song 'White Iverson'. Watch the post below!

  • Taeyong is one of the last NCT members to create a personal media account.
  • Other members that already have one include Johnny, Jaehyun,  WinWin, Ten,  Hendery, YangYang,, XiaoJun, Lucas, Yuta, Kun and Mark.
  • After 30 minutes he had 500.000 thousand followers and made him the fastest K-Pop member to reach 1 million followers.
The timeline since he opened his account is the following:
• 9:08: Instagram Announcement
• 9:41: +500k followers (33 minutes)
• 10:08 : +730k followers (1 hour)
• 10:58 - 1M followers
Definitely a new milestone for the fans, who are helping that K-Pop bands such as BTS, Blackpink and NCT become worldwide stars, not only in Korea.
Taeyong is grateful with his fans
It's a new phenomenon that has been compared to the Beatles' frenzy back in the 1970s, with the main difference that with social media they manage to spread their love faster and in real time. This is definitely also an exciting time for brands like Samsung, Gucci and BMW, who are taking the opportunity to make several K-Pop singers their brand ambassadors given the popularity they have among the young public. 

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