Patricia McCloskey and Marc McCloskey pointing their guns to protesters

White couple point machine guns at peaceful protesters in St. Louis

A peaceful march was taking place in order to ask the resignation of the city Mayor, Lyda Krewson and the protesters happened to walk by the house of Missouri lawyers Mark and Patricia McCloskey. Both from St. Louis, they live in a mansion in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods of the city. When the people was walking by their home, they started to threat them and point guns to everyone. The video caught the attention of President Donald Trump and the video has been seen over 16 million times. Check this video out!

By  Charles Lorenz
  • They pointed their weapons to protesters in order to keep them away.
  • The man had a military assault rifle and the wife a gun.
  • Protesters were walking peacefully to the city Mayor Lyda Krewson’s home.
The video got more than 2 million views on Twitter in a couple of hours with people leaving all types of comments, most of them against the attitude, but surprisingly some comments were in favor of the couple arguing that they were defending their private property. The most surprising fact? They are lawyers and represented a victim of police brutality!
Mr McCloskey gave an interview to KSDK where he explained his posture. You can see his reaction in the following video:
Mrs. McCloskey pointing a gun to the protesters. Source: Reuters

 Nothing happened in their mansion, but the protesters kept walking until they were in front of the city Mayor home and stopped there to recriminate that she leaked the list of the names of people that were asking to defund the police.

St. Louis Mayor, Lyda Krewson

People holding signs saying "Abuse of power" and "Our information is private" could be seen in front of her house.

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