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Spears opens up for the first time about #FreeBritney

Britney is in all of our hearts since the #FreeBritney movement started. Fans are asking the Justice System to let the pop singer manage her finances alone without her father controlling her movements. Everyone can learn a valuable lesson for this situation. For the conclusions, read more below. 

  • Since her mental breakdown in 2007 she lost all power and rights legally speaking and his father Jamie takes over her life.

  • Her younger sister, Jamie-Lynn Spears is now taking part of the legal battle

  • Despite having more than $200 million dollars, she needs to take permission even by buying something at the grocery store. 

  • The judge rule against the star, and she will keep tutoring until 2021. Now, the singer wants to change her tutor from her dad to her lawyer friend. 

Britney in her latest post thanking her fans for the support

Britney posted a series of pictures and video where she looks close to the camera without fear stating "These clips show a closer look at my face …. Which is very scary for me" (isn't it for all of us?). She shows herself vulnerable, 'childish' but keeps realizing that her loyal fans won't disappoint her despite talking about her looks.

Honestly, looking Britney like this and having the fans needing to create a movement to support her (which we TOTALLY support) is kinda sad. But that's not it.

Britney is coming back to life!

We are positive people (and redaction) so let's look at the bright side. Concerning the #FreeBritney movement she stated "I appreciate your concerns, all is well over here, my family has been through a lot".

A successful entertainer, who broke several records and keeps earning millions, she had a meltdown. But who doesn't? Maybe the average person has them, but not that hard. Britney is no average. She is an exceptional human being, who has had some health issues but managed to stand up and appreciate the love she receives and the small pleasures of life. And that is a valuable lesson for all of us.

In conclusion, seeing our diva in this state is also a reminder that life can be tough, but it's a matter of perspective of how you look at it and keep fighting for the things you love! Thank you, Britney! 

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