TODAY NASA astronauts will conduct first of two planned  spacewalks!

TODAY NASA astronauts will conduct first of two planned spacewalks!

SpaceX’s Crew Dragon astronauts Chris Cassidy and Robert Behnken will conduct a spacewalk on Friday May 26th to replace batteries on one of the stations power channels. On July 1st they will conduct a second spacewalk for nearly seven hours. NASA will provide coverage on both spacewalks. Check out more about this exciting news!

  • In 2017 a series of power upgrades began to replace the nickel-hydrogen batteries with new lithium ion ones that have a 20-year lifetime. These spacewalks will mark the culmination of the upgrade process. NASA posted on Twitter an animation of how a battery swap in space looks like. 
  • For viewers to be able to identify the astronauts, Cassidy will be the one in a red striped suit and Behnken will wear a suit with no stripes.
Astronaut Chris Cassidy preparing for spacewalk on May 26th

Astronaut Doug Hurley who launched on May 31st will help both astronauts into their suits. In the following months the batteries on a second power channel will also be replaced.

The return of astronauts Behnken and Hurley is planned for August 2nd. In the future, four more astronauts are planned to launch in another Crew Dragon spacecraft called Crew-1 which is currently going through system checks on Earth.

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