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Sowon's historical ignorance unleashed GFriend fans' fury

The K-Pop singer and leader of the girl group GFriend unleashed the fury of fans of the genre by posting affectionate photos with a Nazi mannequin. Scroll down to see the pictures and find out more. 

  • Kim So-jung, better known as Sowon, is a 25-year-old singer and dancer, known for being the leader of the group GFriend managed by the Source Music.
  • GFriend is a six-member group, based in South Korea, who debuted on January 15th, 2015 with the extended play Season of Glass, winning several awards as Best Rookie Artist after their debut, despite coming from a small entertainment company.
  • On November 9th, 2020, the group released their third studio album, Walpurgis Night, and their first single, "Mago."

Sowon screwed up on January 31st when she decided to share a photo on her social media that she should never have taken in the first place.

In front of 800K followers, the 25-year-old idol posted two photos of her with a mannequin in a Nazi army uniform.

Despite having deleted the photos a few seconds later, it was too late as netizens see everything.

Apparently, the photographs were taken last November at the Zino in Paju Café in South Korea, while they were with the group filming their music video "Mago".

Sowon's deleted Instagram pics.

Record label Source Music was quick to apologize to the community for the photos, saying

"She is pained and feels a deep responsibility for posting such an image,"

and claiming that Sowon had no idea what the images meant. Apparently, there was a failure in the control of the content to be published on the social platform Instagram.

Generally, entertainment companies are aware and also check what idols post on their social media.

Sowon's deleted Instagram pics.

Unfortunately, many Internet users were offended by the images, especially because Sowon was affectionate with the Nazi soldier.

There were also comments of support for the singer from those who understood that it was a mistake and a historical ignorance on the part of the 25-year-old artist.

However, many still await an official public apology from the leader of the group GFriend.

Stay tuned for more information on this topic.

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