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Sowon revolutionizes the K-Pop world with her flirty photos and fans are furious

The 25-year-old singer from the K-pop group GFriend is under fire as she posted lovey-dovey pictures with the Nazi mannequin on January 30th. Everyone is throwing their backlash at her but the label of the band has a story to share too. So scroll down to take a look at what actually happened and how the fans are reacting at it!  

  • With a height of 5'8", the Korean rapper has been given the nickname of 'The Tall Girl'.
  • She has a total of 8 million followers on Instagram and loved by the fans all over the world.
  • The K-pop singer is the oldest member of the band and has a net worth of $1 million.
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Kim So Jung, commonly known as Sowon from GFriend went to her Instagram to share some behind-the-scenes clicks from the shoot.

Sowon's instagram post
Sowon's instagram post
Sowon's instagram post

But the pictures she shared shows her hugging or affectionately looking at a mannequin which is supposed to depict the Nazis from World War ||. These photos were taken at the European themed café in Paju, South Korea famous with the name of Zino.

Fan's tweet

As she posted them, some social media users immediately noticed the offensive pictures and showed their aggression everywhere over the internet. They pointed out that the pictures are extremely insensitive as Nazis killed millions of Jews mercilessly.

Fan's tweet
Fan's tweet

At this, the pictures got deleted soon, but this was not enough for the fans. They continued bashing her on Twitter and demanded a public apology from the artist.

Fan's tweet

Obviously some fans took her side at the matter and defended by saying that she might have not recognized the uniforms worn by the dummies.

But for most of them, it was shocking since Korean schools teach their students about the Holocaust and the unfortunate events of the war.

Hence, whether the intent behind the pictures was bad or not, an apology was the only way to deal with it as it truly hurt the sentiments of the masses. In this regard, Source Music has shared an official statement in which they have shared the expression of apology towards the fans for approving the photos without realizing the harm they could have caused.

Hello, this is Source Music.

We offer our deepest apologies for the controversy caused by our artist GFRIEND’s behind-the-scenes video for the comeback show and the pictures uploaded by Sowon on social media.

In November of last year, an outsourced production company rented a café in Paju to film a video for the new album’s comeback show. In addition to filming for the behind-the-scenes video on the set, our staff also took several photos to post on the artist’s social media accounts.

On the day of filming, the department responsible for checking the set was unaware of the problem with the mannequin’s attire. Although internal inspection and discussions were conducted before uploading the behind-the-scenes video (December 12) and photos (January 31), they were posted without awareness of the issue.

We apologize for not checking the filming site for inappropriate props in advance, for not thoroughly inspecting the content during the filming and uploading process, and for not paying closer attention to historical facts and societal issues. We sincerely apologize to everyone who felt uncomfortable due to the aforementioned video and photos.

The problematic portion of the video has been corrected as of now. The artist also was very surprised after becoming aware of the meaning of the content of the photos and deleted them immediately, and she feels deeply responsible and heartbroken over uploading such photos.

We will keep in mind the fact that the content that we produce and share affects many people and will pay even closer attention to social issues in the future.

We sincerely apologize once again to those who were hurt by the video and photos.     

Sowon on stage

We hope that this matter gets settled peacefully and no such events occur in the future. Celebrities need to be very careful at their actions as some trivial things could trigger fans, terribly. It's good that the company has apologized and the pictures have also been taken down. Share your thoughts in the comments below and take a look at the video analysis on the issue!

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