J-Hope's picture of his 25th birthday.

Singer J-Hope's awkward slip at the KBS News 9 station 

The 26-year-old rapper is a member of the famous K-pop band BTS. J-Hope with his group were invited to KBS News9 on 10th September 2020. When the boy band went for the news station's tour, J-Hope's bodyguard saved him from falling on the ramp. Read below to find out more!

  • The South-Korean rapper was born on 18th February 1994.
  • His real name is Jung Ho-Seok.
  • He has an estimated net worth of $12 million.
  • J-Hope's song 'Chicken Noodle Soup' made it to the US Billboard 100 charts.
  • Watch his awkward slip at the KBS news station!
The K-pop band recently went to the KBS news program to discuss the success of their Billboard chart-topping song, 'Dynamite'. A news anchor took the band members on a tour of the station. Their security staff came along to protect them from the crowd.
There were few BTS fans on the news station because of the coronavirus pandemic. However, their bodyguards were still alert to keep them safe.

J-hope lost balance while walking on the ramp. The rapper didn't fall as his competent security team jumped in to protect him.

He was not embarrassed, nor did his confidence shatter. He continued walking with the same grace and dignity. His fans were happy to see him safe. 

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