Mike Pompeo

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo wants to ban the TikTok app

After violence escalated between the U.S. and the Asian country in the South China Sea, authorities are taking into consideration banning social media platforms that might pose a security threat for the country. Check the video below.

  • Military aircraft carriers are conducting combat drills after Chinese authorities threatened to destroy United States vehicles. 
  • Tension is rising internationally and cybersecurity is a major threat. 
  • In the United States there are over 60 million users (almost 17% of the total population!).

TikTok, is a popular video app that is owned by a company in Beijing called ByteDance. A lot of politicians are worried that Chinese government asks this company to cooperate with secret services from the Chinese Communist Party. Let’s remember that in China everything is controlled and surveilled by the state.

Bytedance building. Source: Shutterstok / REX

Company vocals claim that they work separately from ByteDance and that the information is not compromised. The app has been already banned by several government agencies like the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), Homeland Security and several devices from the army and the navy. 

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