Stealth Aircraft

Secret U.S. Army stealth airplanes spotted in Washington DC

During the 4th of July and the traditional airplane show before the fireworks, a stealth aircraft has been spotted. The purpose of this special airplane from the U.S. Air Force? To avoid radar detection. Watch the exact moment the following video shows the airplane passing by through the Potomac River. The surprising reaction of the crowd is priceless. 

By  Charles Lorenz
  • These military vehicles are designed specially for reducing the radar detection.
  • The design has been a success and it has a lot of complexity to make it fly.
  • According to United States General Accounting Office (GAO), the cost of each aircraft is $929 million dollars.

People started shouting "Oh my god" and you can even hear a "Stealth baby" from the back, probably a U.S. military that knows about this type of airplanes. 

The reduction of thermal detection is also the main objective of this design. Each aircraft comes with specially designed software and unique spare pieces. 

Stealth aircraft

No aircraft is totally invisible to modern radars, but this is the closest the Army gets to flying anonymously.

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