Dust storm over a city

Sahara Dust Storm is reaching USA right now

The year 2020 has been a whirlwind so far! With the global pandemic of the coronavirus, murder hornets, to mosquitos spreading the West Nile Fever. A dust storm from the Sahara has reached the mainland and could have serious health consequences. Read more below  

  • The east coast has been already affected by the storm (Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina). 
  • Scientists have stated that the storm may reach up to Maryland within the few days.
  • It has potential health effects in the pulmonary system, the main cause of death of coronavirus also. 

States like Texas, Alabama, Georgia and Louisiana have particularly been hit hard because the Golf of Mexico has created a rip current.

Dr. Zhang from Cornell University warned about the health issues related to the storm "dust particles cause respiratory health effects and irritation". It also can affect the heart normal functioning

The dust storm is arriving to major U.S. cities

The dust can cause breathing problems and low visibility. Forecasters announced this is one of the most powerful Saharan dust events in nearly decades.

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