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Ryan Reynolds finally watches 'Green Lantern' 10 years later: See his hilarious reactions

'Green Lantern',  Reynolds' superhero debut, is a movie the actor hates, so he watched "with the aid of a good amount of Aviation Gin," and wasn't afraid to show his reaction on Twitter. Keep reading to learn more about his thoughts on the movie! 

  • The movie 'Green Lantern' was released on August 9th 2011. 
  • The character 'Green Lantern' was Reynolds' first superhero role.
  • While filming the movie Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively (his co-star) met. Two years later, on 2012, they got married! 
Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds has a confession: He's never seen "Green Lantern."

That is until Wednesday, when the "Deadpool" star announced on Twitter he'd be viewing the superhero flop for the first time, after starring in it almost 10 years ago alongside his now-wife Blake Lively. 

According to the actor, he decided to relive his 'Green Lantern' days ahead of another superhero movie: Zack Snyder's highly anticipated cut of "Justice League," which debuted on HBO Max Thursday.

Ryan Reynolds

Despite a star-studded cast that included Lively, Angela Bassett and Geoffrey Rush, the film garnered less-than-stellar reviews, earning only a 26% fresh rating on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes.

What followed for Reynolds was a trip down memory lane, complete with superhero onesies and alien CGI.

"This protagonist seems reckless but likable."


He also appreciated his character's emotional – though, perhaps, not too original – backstory. Making fun of the tragic childhood they gave the character to install a level of depth and hard fought empathy for our hero. 

He also gave some cheeky insight into what it was like behind-the-scenes.

"Do you have any idea how weird it is to act while being attacked by invisible space energy?"

Now, watch Ryan's video reacting to the movie while drinking Gin AND using the Ring he wore on the movie! 
Have you seen the movie? Comment below the number of stars you would give to 'Green Lantern'! 

Source: USA Today and CNN 

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