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Restaurants are forced to close again due to positive COVID-19 results from workers

Restaurants in the US had recently started to reopen but unfortunately many have discovered some of their workers contracted coronavirus. They have been forced to shut down again not because they fear contracting the virus but because they already have. Each restaurant takes the measures they consider appropriate as far as deep cleaning or having other staff members tested.  

  • Many states don't require restaurants to close. This can be disorienting for restaurant owners and far from reassuring for customers. There is a lot of uncertainty. The question remains if all restaurants will comply with COVID-19 measures or if the financial need to reopen will be prioritized

In Arizona, the popular Hash Kitchen was forced to close after someone in the restaurant tested positive for the virus. In St. Petersburg, Florida, downtown restaurant The Galley also had to shut down abruptly because one of the employees had tested positive. How restaurants face the issue is basically up to them, whether they decide to deep clean the entire place, test other staff members or inform customers.

You can also take a look at restaurants protocols for reopening.

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