Girl rescued in the kite Girl rescued in the kite

Real life 'UP' Movie: 3-year-old survives miracle accident

A warm kite-festival day in Taiwan, China, transformed into the real life scene of the Pixar's film 'UP'. In this case, a girl got stuck on a kite and flew away while the crowd watch in disbelief. The incredible scene in the video below!

  • The kite festival is held every year in the city of Nanlioao, in the coast of Taiwan.
  • City Mayor Lin Chih-chien posted an apology on his official Facebook page.
  • After the episode, the Hsinchu Kite Festival was suspended and an investigation was opened.

Everything was running smoothly until the most unexpected event happened. The orange kite flew away and the little girl with it. She literally flew for over 30 second while people on the ground was panicking and running towards the kite in order to try and catch the little girl. Luckily, the winds helped, and she got safely to the ground.

The kid flying in the air

Users remembered the Pixar/Disney movie 'Up' from 2009 where the boy scout ties a thousand balloons to his house and ends up flying with his old pal.

Up movie scene

The film was so successfully that they earned two Academy Awards. We want to girl this girl also an award for bravery and for becoming the August miracle!

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