Real life Cast Away are saved after an SOS home-made sign

Remember the famous movie from Tom Hanks where his best friend was Wilson, the volleyball? A similar situation just happened in the Pacific Ocean, and the U.S. Air force discovered the lost men.

By  Redacción YAAY
  • Three men went missing next to the Australian Coast after going out for a sail.
  • United States has a military base on the small island of Guam, in Indonesia.
  • Australian authorities asked the U.S. Air Force for help and after a 3-hour search they could find the sign that was laying at the beach.

Coronel Jason Palmeira-Yen said that while searching, they took a detour to avoid some rain and at that moment they looked down and saw the island.

United States Air Force in Guam, Indonesia

 "We saw the SOS sign in the sand and called the Australian Navy". The authorities then landed a chopper with food and water to find the three men healthy after their shipwreck.

The SOS sign. Source: EFE/EPA

Tom Hanks was their inspiration, and they all have seen the movie "we tried to apply the basic survival skills from the film and it helped". 

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