Unicorn floatie Unicorn floatie

4-year-old rescued in floatie in a real Cast-Away rescue

Imagine being on a tourist ferry and you see a baby girl floating on a unicorn in the middle of the ocean. The surreal situation took place in Greece and everybody is in shock and relief of the incredible rescue. Thousands of fans made the reference to Tom Hanks movie. Check the video below!

  • The 4-year-old girl was floating almost a mile away from the shore.
  • Child’s parents were already with the authorities thinking her kid drowned.
  • Grigoris Karnesis, the ferry’s captain, was asked to be alert in case he saw anything.



A child on a flotation device saved by ferry at Antirrio Greece

Similar to what Tom Hanks experienced when he was discovered after a long time living on a deserted island, this story is almost surreal. A family of three were enjoying their European summer holidays and bathing in the transparent Mediterranean ocean.

They were in the water until a current took their daughter away. They freaked out, and started alerting Greek Baywatch and coast guards. Karnesis, the captain, changed his direction when he spotted a white dot in the water. It was the unicorn floatie that saved her life.

The coast of Antirrio, near Patras, Greece.

The brave girl looked calmed as she was being rescued. People cheered and the parents should write to the store where they bought the floatie, saying that this time, a unicorn saved a child life and it wasn't a dream.

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