Kanye West and Donald Trump

Rapper Kanye West announced he's running for President

The American record producer said again he will be running for US president in 2020. He has his wife, recent billionaire Kim Kardashian's endorsement as well as entrepreneur Elon Musk's.

  • West would be postulating himself against Donald Trump whom he says he admires.
  • "We must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision and building our future," tweeted West. "I am running for president of the United States!"
  • In 2015 at the MTV Video Music Awards Kanye had already announced he would run for president in 2020.
  • Take a look at then President, Barack Obama's hilarious advice to West in the video below.

West does not appear to be registered in the Federal Election Commission (FEC), although he did say this past November he would be pushing the date back to 2024's elections. However, there is a candidate called "Kanye Deez Nutz West" in the FEC database could it be him? It's all very unclear. This candidate filed papers with the Green Party in 2015. While it would make sense given it was the year Kanye first said he wanted to run for president, the candidate has raised no money. With endorsements like Kim Kardashian and Elon Musk that seems unlikely.

"We would have created so many jobs that I'm not gonna run, I'm gonna walk," said West at Fast Company's Innovation Festival which takes place each fall in NYC. The rapper added he was considering changing his name to "Christian Genius Billionaire Kanye West"

West didn't mention in his tweet if he would be affiliating to a political party in particular or running as an independant candidate. At this point with the elections only 4 months away it would be impossible to adhere to one of the parties. On the other hand he could still appear as an independant candidate if he gathered certain amount of signatures and registered in states by a specific deadline. Many states have already reached the deadline, but the music star is still in time for other states. 

2018 appearance at the White House with a "Make America Great Again" hat

In 2018 the rapper said "I love this guy right here," about President Trump. The singer says people automatically expect black people to be Democrats.

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