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Racist remarks against Jisoo from Blackpink generates Twitter fan fury

Who made Blackpink fans so angry on Twitter all day? Jisoo’s name has been trending constantly. A platform called TC Candler mocked the singer's English-speaking skills! After getting backlash online their response was even worse. What action made the fans’ blood boil? Read more below to find out who the culprit was! 

  • The talented 25-year-old girl speaks 4 languages that are Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and English.
  •  Jisoo is always trending on Twitter in various countries. Even pictures of her simply standing at an airport go viral!
  •  She took classes to improve her English-speaking skills. Group member Jennie helps her with it too!
  •  The star always has an army of fans to defend her. Her Instagram has 33 million followers!
Jisoo backstage before a performance

On December 28th, 2020, Jisoo's fans raged all over Twitter. Why did they do so? The uproar began due to a platform called 'TC Candler'. Every year they do a '100 Most Beautiful Faces of the Year' ranking. What went wrong this time?

They plastered a racist joke in Jisoo's picture! Can you believe it? Racism is not a light matter or something to be joked about! How can fans let them get away with such a discriminatory remark? 

TC Candler ranking for Jisoo

'Her English is a pity', the supposed-to-be funny remark was printed in gold. 

The remark originated from a joke that Jisoo made during Blackpink's reality show. However, in this context, it just sounds extremely racist. Don't you think? They are actively shaming a Korean person for not being good at English! Fans on Twitter trended ‘#ApologizeToJisoo’ within minutes and constantly tagged the official account in their tweets.

The hashtag trended for 16 hours in the 'Worldwide' category. Fans brought awareness to the issue and why it had been wrong. What was the demand by her fans?

Jisoo's cute picture for Instagram!

Jisoo's fans were furious and asked TC Candler to delete the picture from their vast platform. They also talked about how she always does her best to improve her English. The global star does it for the ease of communicating with her fans. You can read all about it here!

Do you think the anger from her fan base is valid?


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In my opinion, people need to stop making fun of those who struggle with speaking English. It is not Jisoo's mother tongue! She shouldn't have to be forced to excel in it! Fans like me appreciate the fact that the star is doing her best to overcome a language barrier.

She deserves all the respect for being so hardworking. In my opinion they should delete the post and issue an apology! Do you think TC Candler should delete the post? Comment below.

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