Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla

Public outrage: worker faints in front of Prince Charles

The British Royal family has been in the public eye for the last time for many reasons: from Prince Andrew accused of abusing minors to Harry and Meghan Markle moving out from the United Kingdom and now this: Prince Charles, the future King, was visiting ASDA, a supermarket chain, when a worker fainted in front of him. His reaction generated a public outrage. Check it out in the following video:  

  • Charles is one of the least favorite Royal members, just a little less hated than his brother, Prince Andrew. 
  • Virginia Roberts Giuffre accuses the British Royal member of having intimate relations with her when she was just 17 years old.

  • He is also afraid of flying to the United States to testify in the case because it could be a trap to get him arrested. 

Thousands of people commented in social media the reaction of the Prince towards the worker. The Royal was visiting Bristol with his wife Camila. When the man fell to the floor, Charles stood there and did nothing.

Prince Charles talking to the employee seconds before he fainted. Source: ITN

He watched how his colleagues helped him and continued to talk with another ASDA employee. He also didn't care about the men’s health or did anything to help. A lot of people found the attitude despicable, what do you think?

He continued talking as if nothing had happened. Source: ITN

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