Jeffrey Epstein and Donald Trump

Public outrage after Trump wishes "well" Ghislaine Maxwell

President Donald Trump responded a question about Jeffrey Epstein’s accomplice in a press conference. She was pursued by the FBI under charges of procuring underage girls for Epstein to abuse. To everyone's surprise he wished her well. Check this following video out.

  • Jeffrey Epstein's ex-girlfriend is accused of having helped and facilitated minors assaults.
  • She used her connections to introduce Epstein to VIP circles, including Prince Andrew (the son of the Queen Elizabeth II) and former United States President, Bill Clinton.
  • They were friends of Donald Trump because they were neighbors of his Mar-a-Lago club on Palm Beach, where Epstein had a mansion.

Jeffrey Epstein keeps the talking going even after he died. Conspiracies theories have erupted after Donald Trump admitted meeting the couple several times and wishing her "well" in her situation. Let’s remember that she is accused of being a child trafficker.

Donald Trump and Ghislaine Maxwell. Source: Getty Images

Ghislaine pleaded "Not guilty" and she asked if she could move to a luxury hotel in Manhattan for house arrest, but it was denied due to the escape risk. She is now accused of 6 charges that could give her a sentence of 35 years in jail. Giving that she is 58 years old, this is probably a life sentence. The comments on Twitter fueled the theories with people even saying "Is Trump hinting at quid pro quo pardon for silence?"

Twitter comments

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