Protester holding signs of Black Lives Matter

Protester dead after racist car runs over her in Seattle

A young 24-year-old Woman called Summer Taylor died in Seattle from her injuries. The peaceful protester and a friend got run over in the highway. The other protester is still alive with serious injuries. Check out the following video to see what happened.  Some viewers may find the following video disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.

The killer was found, arrested and has been charged with vehicular assault and probably will be also receiving homicide charges. His name is Dawit Kelete. His car barreled and struck the two young women. Witnesses also mentioned that it wasn't an accident, but an attack. Washington State Patrol has Mr. Kelete into custody. 

Killer Dawit Kelete

There has been other cases during the protests of cars running over for example in Denver, and everybody is outraged with the violence the United States has seen in the last weeks. 


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