Policeman involved in George Floyd’s murder is confronted

Twitter user @jk3rd_ published a video where it shows J. Alexander Keung, one of the officers who was involved in the murder of George Floyd while shopping in Minnesota. He wrote "look who my sister caught at Cub Foods in Plymouth". Check out the discussion in the following video

  • Derek Chauvin, the officer who laid his knee on Floyd’s neck has been sent out to jail, charged with 2nd and 3rd degree and manslaughter. Nevertheless, Keung was released after paying a $750,000 bail.
  • The woman spotted the former disgraced police officer in supermarket Cub Foods in the city of Plymouth
George Floyd´s murder convicted police officers Derek Chauvin, Tou Thao, Alexander Keung and Thomas Lane mugshot. Source: Reuters

She asked him "What's your name" and he responded "Oh, yeah, that's me." The discussion continued and the woman got furious seeing Keung’s calm reaction  "...you're comfortably shopping in Cub Foods... as if you didn't do anything." "Just getting necessities" Kueng responded.

She also inquired him about how did he got the money for bail. The video got millions of views and thousands of different comments defending both the woman and the cop with someone even wrote that he understood the police decision to go out. 

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