David Blaine

OMG! Magician David Blaine flights hanging from balloons

New Yorker celebrity stuntman and magician David Blaine did it again: he went to the desert in Arizona and flew 5 miles above the ground, like the Pixar movie 'Up'. It was an incredible challenge and luckily, everything turned out great! Check the impressive video below! 

  • The magician was inspired by a French Film called "French Balloon"
  • Many fans compared his stunt to the 2009 movie 'Up' from Disney / Pixar.
  • His net worth is $40 million dollars he earned from his live performances around the world.

Everything for the love of a daughter! David Blaine is in a stage of his life that he accomplish almost everything a magician and stunt expert could aspire to: being burried alive (in 1999), stuck on ice in New York, got a Guinness World Record for holding his breath for 17 minutes and now he wanted to do something else. 

He reached an altitude of almost 20.000 feet flying with balloons only until they popped up and landed with a parachute. His act was titled "Ascension" and was by far his most dangerous one.

David Blaine on another stunt

His goal "pushing past what I thought would be possible" was dedicated to his daughter, who looked from the Earth and talked with her dad via phone. 

Blaine performing a stunt next to Donald Trump in New York

It would be difficult for the kid to explain what his dad does for a living, but sure he is willing to go to the moon and up for her!!  

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