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OMG! Brad Pitt has a doppelganger and we didn’t know!

Brad Pitt is an amazing actor and also one of the most handsome men on Earth. What we weren't aware of is that apparently he has an English doppelganger living in Oxford, England. Curious about who this mysterious guy is? Keep on reading to find out more!

By  Jimena Juarez
  • His name is Nathan Meades and he is 34 years-old.
  • The man used to work as a builder in Oxford, England before making it to the news.
  • Nathan said he can barely walk down the street without people mistaking him for the Hollywood actor.
Nathan Meades and Brad Pitt. Source: Diario uno

Brad Pitt's lookalike remembers the first time someone confused him with the famous actor about 10 years ago. At first, he laughed at the comparison since he couldn't see the resemblance between Pitt and himself.  Later on, Nathan started to enjoy and appreciate all the attention he was getting from people.

“A lot of people ask me for photos and I am always more than happy to take one with them”,  he claimed.

Although sometimes he misses his anonymity, Meades is very thankful for all the opportunities he has been receiving lately.

The 34 years-old man has opened an OnlyFans account where he is making a lot of money and also, he is now being represented by an influencer’s agency.

Nathan Meades’s Instagram account has more than 16.0000 followers where he posts a lot of photos showing off his undeniable similarity with the 54 years-old actor.


We are so happy to know that there is a Brad Pitts’s doppelgänger in some part of the world. Now we all have double our chances to meet the actor, even though only one of them is the real Hollywood star. But still, that doesn't stop us from getting a photo to remember, right?


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