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Nick Jonas Promises Kevin That the Jonas Brothers Are Still Together

Nick Jonas is feeling the brotherly love. The "Spaceman" singer took to the Saturday Night Live stage over the weekend for his first-ever time as host, and addressed how he's also performing as the musical guest. Scroll below to see how his monologue went!

  • Nick has served as a solo musical guest in SNL in 2016 and as part of the Jonas Brothers in 2019.
  • His brother Kevin Jonas was at the SNL show to support him.
  • Saturday Night Live airs live coast-to-coast at 11:30 p.m. ET, 8:30 p.m PT on NBC.
Nick Jonas hosting SNL. Source: SNL

"It is such an honor to be back at SNL. It has been a year to the day since I last performed live, so I thought I would ease into it by doing double duty as host and musical guest."

Kevin Jonas and his wife. Source: Getty Images

It's a big responsibility, so the singer and actor got some much appreciated support from his brother and bandmate Kevin Jonas.

"Honestly, I am so excited to be here to support you," Kevin yelled down from the balcony in the studio audience. 'Also, I got to ask, are we good? Because I see you are doing a lot of solo stuff. Are we still a band?"

"Of course," Nick assured him.

"Are you sure? Because, like, I just bought a house," Kevin added, with fear in his voice.

Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas at the premiere of their Amazon documentary, "Chasing Happiness." Source: Getty Images

"The band is still together, I promise," Nick added with a smile. His new album, Spaceman, is his first solo project since the Jonas Brothers reunited in 2019, and his first solo album since 2016's Last Year Was Complicated.

Nick wrapped up his fun monologue with a musical tribute to Broadway -- which has been dark for nearly a year due to the pandemic. He was joined by Kenan Thompson, Kate McKinnon Cecily Strong and Beck Bennet as they sang a re-imagined version of Les Miserables' "Drink With Me," rewritten to address the challenges of lockdown life.

Source: Kare11

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