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New restrictions in California as Covid-19 cases skyrocket

Gavin Newsom, Governor of California has ordered bars and restaurants to close in several counties due to the 2nd wave of COVID-19. After statistics had improved, the numbers skyrocketed again across the United States. The national alert has returned and it is possible that the extraordinary measures of the beginning of the pandemic will be re-implemented. Read below to find out more.

  • According to California Coronavirus update from June 29, 2020, the state has 216,550 confirmed cases of COVID-19, resulting in 5,936 deaths.

  • The number of deaths related to the virus increased by 0.5 percent 

  • An outraged number of 5,307 new confirmed cases appeared in one single day.

Newson, who is also the former San Francisco Mayor,  announced via Twitter that the most affected counties are Los Angeles, Orange County, Fresno, San Bernardino, Kern, Imperial and San Joaquin.

Bars and restaurants will be closing due to the high rise of new Coronavirus cases. Sacramento, Riverside and Santa Barbara has also been hit hard by the pandemic and are seeing a new surge of infection.

California was moving into phase 3 of reopening and unfortunately the cases and hospitalizations have risen to a dramatic level.

Governor of California Gavin Newsom

The Department of Public Health have created a list of counties that are being closely monitored due to the worsening conditions. The source of the rising coronavirus infection is still yet unknown, but the state is offering assistance to California residents.

Mr. Dawson has stated and advised to reinstate a stay-at-home order in attempt to lower the infectious spread.

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