Mayor Bill DiBlasio painting the mural Mayor Bill DiBlasio painting the mural

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio is called douchebag by Donald Trump

The city Mayor went in front of the President’s former home, the Trump Tower, to paint the giant "Black Lives Matter" sign. The president got furious and answered him on Twitter. Check this post to see what happened.

  • New York followed Washington DC steps.
  • In the capital a similar sign was painted in the avenue reaching to the White House.
  • President Trump wrote that the wall is denigrating the luxury Avenue.

Trump’s Tower is located on the 5th Avenue, the iconic street with stores like Versace, Louis Vuitton, and Apple. Black Lives Matter volunteers painted giant letters in the street, that can be look upon the sky even.

5th avenue with the new mural

There was a clash between volunteers of the anti-racism movement and protesters holding "Make America Great Again" signs and face masks.

Protesters against the mural wearing Make America Great Again masks

De Blasio said on the TV that the mural will be a reminder for Trump "he'll get a message that he still doesn't understand"
The leader of the Republican Party responded angrily saying that the Mayor is spending money when he defunded NYC police.

President Trump´s Twitter post

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