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NBA's scandal: Player going to funeral ended in exotic club

NBA season was suspended in March due to the pandemic, and now, they relaunched it in Disney World, Orlando for the playoff. One of the basketball players "escaped" and videos of him in an exotic dance club appeared. The public is outraged! Check it out!

  • Players are all in Florida, in the famous NBA "bubble".
  • Trainers, doctors, athletes and even basketball league barbers are isolated until the playoffs finish.
  • The only way to exit is due to family emergencies, and when they come back, they need to be quarantined again.
The picture of the scandal

Los Angeles Clipper’s player, Lou Williams, asked if he could leave the "bubble" due to a family emergency: He had to go to Atlanta to a funeral. He extended the stay and ended up in a nightclub of some reputation.

NBA's authorities opened an investigation after the picture of the player dancing was leaked by musician Jack Harlow, a rap idol.

The new NBA Disney "bubble". Source: CBS

Team coach, Doc Rivers, said in a press conference that he "didn't have much information" and the attitude is something "that we obviously don't like". Now, he is isolated in the bubble again, but he might be kicked out for disciplinary reasons.

If you´re interested in learning more, check this video out! 

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