Nascar Pilot Bubba Wallace with his fans

NASCAR emotional anti-racism tribute to pilot Bubba Wallace

The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing drivers, chairmen and stuff walked alongside pilot Bubba Wallace, the only black pilot of the circuit, in the racing track to protest against a noose was found in the driver’s shop. 

  • The noose incident was a clear threat and it's no coincidence that happened these days, since after the protests over the death of George Floyd, there are hundreds of daily clashes between racists and protesters against discrimination in the whole country.
  • NASCAR's officials said the FBI is investigating the incident and that they will "do everything we can to identify the person(s) responsible and eliminate them from the sport".
  • United States attorney Jay E. Town said also that the civil rights division of the Department of Justice is taking matters into this situation. 

Wallace was wearing a shirt supporting Black Lives Matter movement with the sentence "I Can't Breathe" on it.  After the noose incident, NASCAR banned the Confederate flag, a racist symbol used by white supremacists.

In opposition to that decision, Nascar Trucks pilot Ray Ciccarelli quit saying "I don't spend as much money to participate in political issues", and he sold everything related to racing, including his website, that has been purchased by anti-racism activists. Now, if you try to enter the website you will be addressed to another site, where you can support the cause by donating money. 

User @jans_bird bought Ray Ciccarelli´s website

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