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Miley Cyrus joins the NFL network and surprises football fans

Singer Miley Cyrus teamed up with the National Football League Network to star on MJ Acosta Ruiz's show Artist Takeover on December 18th. Read on to find out what Miley revealed during the interview and how her appearance was taken by fans of this sport and the network's.  

  • Miley Cyrus joined the NFL's Good Morning Football program this Friday, December 18th, to chat with presenter MJ Acosta Ruiz in her Artist Takeover segment. 
  • The 28-year-old singer was very excited to be on the show claiming that she doesn't always have the opportunity to do things that her father or siblings find cool. I guess appearing on a football show is. 
  • Cyrus also revealed that while football is not a sport that she plays currently, many of her happy memories are playing with her father on the patio of the family home in Nashville. 
  • The artist confessed to MJ Acosta tha she is a Titan's fan.
Miley Cyrus posing for Rolling Stones Magazine.

Another interesting fact that we learned during the interview of just over 4 minutes was that the singer of “Midnight Sky” will be going home for Christmas to meet again with her family after having spent almost 9 months separated due to the pandemic.

Currently, the artist lives in Los Angles, so she had to spend this period of confinement alone at home.

Fortunately in a few days Smiley will have the opportunity to throw a few passes with her father Billy Ray Cyrus.

From what we could see from the spicy photoshoot ex Hannah Montana did to promote her Artist Takeover appearance, Smiley is an experienced cheerleader and the pom poms look great on her.

Viewers of the show were really impressed with the tight and shiny look of the “Can't Be Tamed” singer and comments on Smiley's interview revealed all kinds of opinions.

Twitter comments on Miley Cyrus Takeover interview.

The truth is that although the fans of the 28-year-old singer would love to see her perform in the half time of the Super Bowl, fans of this sport have not yet been able to forget some controversial episodes of Miley like that of the 2013 VMAs with Robin Thicke and her naughtybear costume.

Anyway The Weekend has already been announced as the main attraction of the Super Bowl Half Time Show 2021, but we would love to have this incredible artist in on a presentation of that magnitude.

Miley Cyrus performing live for Amazon Christmas Plays..

I truly believe that Cyrus is ready for this and much more.

While we wait for the next year to find out if we are so lucky to see Miley in a packed stadium (COVID-19 vaccine in between), check out the full Artist Takeover interview video below!


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