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Miley Cyrus goes to a psychic to know what her 2021 will be like

The new year has just begun, but Miley can't wait to find out what 2021 has in store for her. In the artist's last Instagram post, we could see her in front of a psychic shop, and she revealed to us that is coming for her this year. Keep reading and you will know!  

  • Miley Cyrus closed the year singing on Dick Clark's Rockin' Eve at New Year's. 
  • She delighted millions with "Party In The USA", "Prisoner" and "Midnight Sky" and was the crowd's favorite on the night of December 31st, 2020.
  • The singer switched to rock and roll in 2020 and released her seventh studio album called Plastic Hearts which features collaborations from Billy Idol, Joan Jett and Dua Lipa. 
  • In addition, the production was in charge of two greats of the industry, Mark Ronson and the 2021 Grammy nominee, Andrew Watt, both are good friends of Smiley.
Miley Cyrus for Rolling Stone Magazine, December 2020.

Miley has done many things in 2020 that she didn't even imagine.

The confinement by the pandemic determined that the singer took an unexpected turn and rejected the idea of releasing a series of autobiographical E.P.s called "She is Coming".

Fortunately, Cyrus found inspiration in the solitude of her home and decided to try a new rock sound that left the public in shock.

Her album Plastic Hearts, released on November 27th, became number one on the Billboard Rock Chart and stayed there for 3 weeks in a row, closing the year as the number one rock star in the country.

Miley Cyrus on the cover of Plastic Hearts.

Now Smiley wants to know what news 2021 will bring her.

According to the caption of her Instagram post, lots of safe intimacy and new music.

Who is the former Hannah Montana cyber dating? We are investigating, and it could be the Spanish actor Aron Piper. They both started following each other on Instagram in November, and he basically likes all of our Miley's posts.

Miley Cyrus' Instagram post.

So he might be the lucky one! On the other hand, we wonder what the singer of "Prisoner" will bring us this year musically speaking.

It is quite possible that Cyrus is recording a compilation album of covers.

It is well known that the 28-year-old artist is an expert in versioning some of the greatest hits of all time and lately we have seen her do it quite a bit.

Let's not forget the amazing versions of “Heart of Glass” by Blondie and “Zombie” by The Cranberries that she delivered last year.

We hope that everything is good news for Miley Cyrus in this new year, and we cross our fingers that soon we will be surprised by new recording material.

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