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Miley Cyrus breaks Instagram rules again with the most daring photo ever

On January 13th, the ever-daring Miley Cyrus took her Instagram stories to congratulate her friend Wayne Coyne from The Flaming Lips on his 59th birthday and the photo she uploaded was too risqué, even for her. Scroll down to see it.  

  • This is not the first nor will it be the last time that we see the natural bust of the 28-year-old singer, since she loves to share absolutely everything with her fans.
  • The former Hannah Montana is known for her great musical talent but also for her daring outfits with very little fabric.
  • Although feeling good about her body and reflecting it to the fans is fine, sometimes the artist can be very extreme with her pics.
Miley Cyrus performing "Prisoner" on Rockin' Eve.

On January 13th, 2021, we found a series of photos in Miley Cyrus' Instagram stories on the occasion of the birthday of her 59-year-old friend Wayne Coyne, with whom she not only maintains a personal relationship, but they have also performed together on stage on several occasions.

One of the photos of the series was very little available on the platform as it broke all the rules on explicit content.

The short time it was published was enough for the all-seeing eye to keep it forever in the cloud.

Continue scrolling to see it.

Miley Cyrus for Rolling Stone MAgazine, December 2020.

Before we show it to you, you should know that we can not only see the top of the “Midnight Sky” singer but also some of the pieces with which the 28-year-old artist decorates her house.

It's that Cyrus collects s*x toys and also uses them to give a different touch to her humble L.A. residence.

According to Cyrus, “Sex and interior design go actually hand in hand” and also handy! LOL

A screenshot from Miley Cyrus' deleted Instagram stories.

The truth is that despite everything we cannot deny that Smiley is someone who always provides us with juicy material to write about and in fact she has confessed that it is one of the reasons why she usually wears shocking outfits, to start a conversation. 

 So what do you think?

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