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Miami mayor canceled the sanitary measures he had announced

One week ago, it was announced that due to the rise in COVID-19 infection cases, it will be mandatory to use face mask and businesses will stay closed to the public. Now, the city Mayor, Carlos Gimenez took a step back and cancelled the sanitary measures. Read more below.

By  Pam Loureiro
  • The city’s COVID-19 advisory panel, comprised of health experts in Florida and beyond, agreed that pushing for more mask use was one way the city could contain the spread of the virus.
  • Dr Kenneth Ratzan, the chief of infectious diseases at Mount Sinai Medical Center,  the largest independent non-profit hospital in Florida, said that if the current surge isn’t halted we can expect our hospitals to be stressed, and deaths will increase.

The reversal lasted less than 24 hours. After saying restaurants and fitness centers will close, apparently, they will remain open. A lot of controversy surrounded Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Giménez for him stepping back from his former decision. 

Miami Mayor Carlos Gimenez

Since the slow reopening, Florida has been the country’s epidemic center. Death toll is reaching almost 4000 only in Florida and a quarter correspond to Miami-Dade County. The pandemic has been causing vast economic consequences, with unemployment figures comparable to the great depression of 1929. Concerning health, nurses have been called from all over the country to help in Miami's largest public hospital, the Jackson Memorial.

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