Actor Johnny Ortiz

McFarland actor Johnny Ortiz has been charged with murder

The actor known for his films Ali, A Breaking Bad Movie and McFarland, USA, has been accused of trying to kill another man in a gang related case. Read more below for more information.  

  • Johnny Ortiz is American but has a Guatemalan inheritance.
  • Central America has the biggest gang related problems in the world.
  • The gangs are known as Cartels, and they expanded their criminal activities to the United States during the 1980s.
Johnny Ortiz. Source: Getty images

He was charged for being an accomplice of Armando Navarro in order to kill a man called Brian Duke. It is unclear what role did the actor played during this situation, but he still remains behind bars. His bail is set at more than $1.100.000 dollars and his family started a crowdfunding site for probing his innocence.
He pleaded not guilty but his preliminary hearing next week will give the media more information abot the case.

Check out this video about his life story:

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