Marvel stars stand by Chris Pratt after being roasted on Twitter Marvel stars stand by Chris Pratt after being roasted on Twitter

Marvel stars stand by Chris Pratt after being roasted on Twitter

The guardian of the galaxy was on everyone's lips this weekend for his alleged political leanings and ideology. Although he has not yet spoken, several colleagues have come out to defend him on social media. Keep reading to find out whom.

  • Christopher Michael Pratt was born 41 years ago in Virginia Minnesota.
  • 2014 was quite a year for Chris since he jumped into his first leading role On the big screen with two super hit movies: The Lego Movie and Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy.
  • In 2015 Pratt was named one of 100 most influential people on the planet by Times.
  • Formerly married to actress Ana Farris(2009-2019) and currently spouse to Katherine Schwarzenegger since 2019, the actor has two beautiful children.

Poor Chris! It all started with a seemingly innocent meme on Twitter.

In it, you had to choose between the 4 super popular and handsome Hollywood Chrises Pine/Hemsworth/Evans/Pratt.

Surprisingly the eliminated was by far the Star-Lord.

Why? Fans began to comment on his personal life and speculate on his political leanings.

Some focused on commenting that he is a supporter of Donald Trump, others that he attends a church that is against the LGTBQ community and others are angry because he left his wife Anna Farris and changed her for a younger one.

Even if all this were true, we must still practice respect, or we end up becoming the prejudiced ones we criticize.

Fortunately for Chris, he has friends in the industry, and they have not hesitated to come to his defense in the media.

Some of his castmates comments including Ruffalo's

Mark Ruffalo AKA Hulk tweeted that Pratt is not vocal about politics and that if he did not join the fundraiser for Joe Biden as himself and other members of the MCU it was for that and for another reason.

James Gunn's  post supporting the actor

Writer and director James Gunn is also on the side of the actor from Parks and Recreation, highlighting how warm and good person he is.

Even Iron Man came to his defense with the hashtag #gotyebackbackback referring to the name of his Twitter account @prattprattpratt.

In addition to a nice dispatch against haters urging them to leave their social media for a moment and look at their own defects and try to work on them.

Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Pratt

The sinless throwing stones at my brother, those were his words.

It's good that Chris is not alone and has the support of several of his teammates.


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