Marilyn manson and Lindsay Usich. Marilyn manson and Lindsay Usich.

Marilyn Manson's current wife involved in the abuse scandal

In an unexpected turn of events, Marilyn Manson's current wife, Lindsay Usich, got implicated in the 52-year-old artist's alleged abuse of several women, including Evan Rachel Woods. Keep reading to find out what is new about this scandal.  

  • The 52-year-old singer also known as Brian Warner was publicly accused of repeated mental and physical abuse of 33-year-old actress Evan Rachel Woods on February 1st via Instagram.
  • Marilyn Manson came out to deny the accusations on his social media claiming that these are "horrible distortions of reality" by the "Westworld" star and 5 other women.
  • There is a formal legal complaint made requesting a thorough investigation of the facts which was submitted by Senator Susan Rubio.
Marilyn Manson and Lindsay Usich

Following the abuse accusations, the 52-year-old singer was dumped by his record label, Loma Vista  and also by his representative at CAA (Creative Artists Agency).

Marilyn Manson was also removed from the "Creepshow" program which was supposed to have an entire episode with the singer later this season.

Now, in an unexpected turn of events, Evan Rachel Wood shared on her Instagram stories that in December 19th she filed a police report against Manson's current wife, Lindsay Usich, for blackmail.

Screenshot from Evan Rachel Wood Instagram stories.

Apparently, she would have threatened Wood to publish a series of explicit photographs of her when she was underage in order to ruin her acting career and silence her.

The "Westworld" star herself dared to share some of the photographs in question where she can be seen with the cap of the singer of "The Beautiful People" and a Hitler mustache drawn on her face.

We also learned that she was humiliated for being Jewish by Brian Warner.

Evan Rachel Wood shared these old pics' on her Instagram stories to address the blackmail.

The truth is that this controversy has unleashed all kinds of comments on social media.

While many join in the abuse allegations, others feel that it is necessary to maintain the innocence of Marilyn Manson until proven otherwise.

Two of his former partners have come out to support Evan Rachel Wood but have also made it clear that they did not experience such abuse.

Rose MCGowan posted a video on social media of her supporting all the victims of abuse and especially the actress but revealed that during 2009 and 2011, MM "did not behave like this".

Another who spoke about the events was Dita Von Teesse who had a relationship of 7 years with the artist and was married for 12 months before requesting a divorce in 2006 for infidelity and drug use.

And she said that if he had physically abused her, she would have left the relationship much sooner.

Maybe this is in fact so, or maybe like many victims of abuse, she is in a denial stage produced by the shame of admitting that lived a situation of this nature. 
What's your opinion on the matter?

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