Maluma played us with a baby and was actually about to release a new album

January 28th was a very special day for the singer Maluma. Not only because he turned 27 but also because he unveiled his new baby, his sixth child, a new album titled "7 Days in Jamaica". Scroll down to know more about this thread.  

  • Juan Luis Londoño Arias is a 27-year-old Colombian singer, very famous worldwide since 2015 and with 6 studio albums to his credit in addition to a Latin Grammy and more than a dozen singles that reached the highest positions in the world charts.
  • The singer has a net worth of $12 million.
  • Maluma chose his stage name in honor of his family. Ma is for Marlli (her mother), Lu for her father Luis, and Ma for her sister Manuela.
Maluma's post.

The "Hawai" singer cheated on us all a few days ago when he posted a photo on his Instagram account of him kissing a female belly with the inscription # 7 DJ.

Everyone went crazy, thinking that Maluma would have a son on June 7th. LOL.

The fact is that what was really happening is that Juan Luis was drawing the attention of 56 million fans on the platform only to, on Thursday, January 28,  do a live-streaming and reveal the real news.

In Spanish and with a glass in hand celebrating the day of his birth, the artist revealed that in 30 minutes he would be releasing his sixth studio album "7 Days In Jamaica".

This album is something very special because it is not only a musical work but also a visual one.

Each of the 7 songs that make up the album comes with a music video included.

The images were taken in Jamaica, precisely during his trip to the island where he spent 7 days.

Apparently, that trip was eye-opening for him. That week was very productive, musically speaking for the artist.

It was there that he composed all the songs included on the album.

In fact, and according to Maluma himself, 7 Days In Jamaica was intended to be released before Papi Juancho, which was released in August 2020 without prior notice.


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the audiovisual work of the album could not be completed and that is why he decided to release Papi Juancho instead.

The truth is that even though we were expecting a pregnancy, this album came to brighten the year with its urban rhythm with reggae inspiration.

In fact, in the first song and video, "Tonika", has the collaboration of Ziggy Marley, son of Bob Marley.

Other tracks on 7 Days In Jamaica are "Desayun-arte", "Chocolate", "Agua de Jamaica" and "La Burbuja".

Enjoy 7DJ below.

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