Maluma gets emotional after seeing the promotional poster for "7DJ" in Miami

The Colombian singer Maluma gets excited like a child when he sees his face on a poster in the streets of Miami. This speaks to the humility of the 27-year-old artist and this is what makes him so great. Keep reading to find out more.  

  • Juan Luis Londoño Arias turned 27 years old on January 28th, 2021, and to celebrate it he announced the release of his new audiovisual work entitled 7 Days In Jamaica. 
  • This is a studio album but also a short film that includes 7 songs and their respective music videos, all of them recorded in Jamaica during a short vacation by the artist on the island before the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • To promote this album, the artist caught the public's attention by hinting that he was going to have a baby through a post on Instagram where he could be seen kissing a female belly.
  • To the fans' surprise, the real baby was his sixth studio album.

Maluma describes himself as an urban singer more than a simple reggaeton singer.

This is demonstrated in his last record work where he mixes Latin sounds with reggae, counting for this with the collaboration of Bob Marley's son, Ziggy Marley.

According to the "Hawaii" singer, 7 Days In Jamaica marked a before and after in his career and signifies a professional and personal growth in his life.

This is why both the release and the promotion of the album is something very special for the Colombian.

On February 1st, Maluma shared on his Instagram account the emotion that caused him to see his face on the 7DJ's promotional poster on the streets of Miami.

In the caption, he thanks his fans for the support they have given over the years and expresses that moments like these continue to be very special and mobilizing for him.

All artists agree that the excitement and nerves before getting on stage is something that never leaves them, and if so, they feel that this means that their career has lost its charm.

Maluma is known for his family profile and for being a good boy.

Maluma and Madonna.

He has always been especially affectionate with his fans, and it is no coincidence that he has worked with so many music personalities such as Shakira, J Balvin, and Madonna among many others.

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