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Lisa Manoban shares 'What's my name' teaser and starts a worldwide trend

The singer started trending after revealing two new photos on her Instagram with the crowd of Blacklabel recording her new solo debut song, 'What's my name'. Watch the pictures, below. 

  • Twitter users started using hashtags like #LisaSolo #Whatsmyname #L1 to support the singer with her solo debut.
  • As of 2021, the singer has a net worth of $10 million, and is expected to grow even more after her solo debut this summer.
The 'What's My Name' teaser

Blackpink fans, the Blinks, have been asking for this moment for a long time. YG Entertainment, announced in 2020 that the singer will start working on her solo songs, and now, that dream has become a reality. After rumors, Lisa just confirmed that her work is nearly done after sharing two teasers of her recording studio, without any background sound. 

The 'What's My Name' teaser

The K-pop girl group’s rapper, Lisa, is set to make her highly-anticipated solo debut this summer. Their fans, also known as Blinks, have been asking for a solo release from the stylish starlet for a long time.

Lisa shared her newest teaser to her Instagram

YG Entertainment, the group’s label, had announced late last year that Lisa, whose real name is Lalisa Manoban, was already working on solo material.

"Blackpink member Lisa is shooting a music video for her solo debut. We will be revealing more details soon,” 

Her debut follows Jennie and Rosé's single debuts 'Solo' and 'On The Ground'. As one of the most admired K-Pop singers in the world right now, it is expected that Lalalisa's debut will break several records. 


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