V of BTS is known for his perfectly symmetrical face!

Kim Taehyung reveals his body in the latest 'Run BTS' episode!

Kim Taehyung loves to flaunt his muscular physique and he did it in the 132nd RUN BTS episode. This episode was all about the seven K-pop idols playing with water and being adorable! Want to know the details regarding this episode? Continue reading to find out!

  • Run BTS is a Korean variety show in which BTS members play games to create entertaining content for their fans 
  • The first episode of Run BTS came out on August 1st 2015
  • Since then, more than 100 episodes have been released and fans love them!
  • Kim Taehyung was the center of attention in the latest episode as he was seen shirtless in a pool!


V in recent Run BTS episode 

You don’t need to be a BTS fan to appreciate the beauty of Kim Taehyung. The 25-year-old became the talk of the town after the recent Run BTS episode aired. During the episode, BTS members played a lot of water games and got really wet. To keep them warm, there was a hot water spring nearby the sets. Towards the end of the episode, Kim Taehyung took off his shirt and went inside the hot spring, showing off his broad shoulders. Fans were not ready for this and they took to Twitter asking Kim Taehyung to put on clothes!

The $20 million worth artist is very well-aware of his beauty and he loves to take advantage of his looks. While fans were used to seeing him in his favorite brand attires such as Gucci, we were not ready to see him shirtless!  

Some of the fans even Tweeted that they are deactivating their accounts following the episode because they will travel to South Korea to marry V! While other fans kept wondering how this clip of V was included in the episode since Run BTS producers are always so cautious of members’ privacy. Seems like V wanted us to see him shirtless and have a hard time getting over him. Well, mission successful V!


Taehyung’s beauty is unparalleled. I love him for being so perfect. Whether it’s his soulful voice or his symmetrical face, this man has it all! What are your thoughts on V’s appearance in the recent Run BTS episode?




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