Kim Kardashian files for divorce

Kim Kardashian files for divorce!

2020 went about with unpredictable and unwanted events happening that unfortunately none of us had any control over. Some bizarre situations such as Kanye West taking part in the presidential campaign and the rumor of the rapper splitting up with his wife also circulated. However, the rumors were shut down by the family itself. Little did we know that the rumor is not entirely a lie. Keep reading to find out if the couple has already divorced!  

  • Kim Kardashian and Kanye West got married in a lavish event in Italy back on May 14th, 2014. 
  • The couple shares four children including daughter North, 7, son, Saint, 5, daughter Chicago, 3, and son Psalm, who is 19 months old. 
  • Last year was a hard ride for the couple as there were rumors of their separation all year long. 
  • The crisis in their marriage got worst with the 43-year-old rapper having his frequent episodes of bipolar that often landed the family in a pool of criticism and embarrassing situations.
  • Kim who tried her level best to keep things sane is now done with her husband, sources report, and she’s ready to move on. 
Kim Kardashian files for divorce from Kanye West. Source: gettyimages

We woke up to a crazy news once again from the Kardashians family. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are allegedly done with their marriage and might end it soon. PageSix reported last night that 'divorce is imminent' for the couple. As per the reports, Kim Kardashian has taken a step forward and hired high profile divorce attorney, Laura Wasser. 

The couple is in settlement talks as of now.

Though the couple has not announced anything publicly and they are trying to keep it low-key but they are already done with each other, says the source. There have also been evident changes in the celebrities’ lives that say a lot about their on-going relationship status. Kim hasn’t been wearing her 1.3 million Lorraine Schwartz 15-carat wedding ring in public while Kanye did not spend the holidays with his family instead he stayed over at his $14 million Wyoming ranch.

Kim Kardashian ditches her wedding ring in recent posts

PageSix reports, ‘Kim got Kanye to go up there (Wyoming) so they could live separate lives and quietly get things sorted out to separate and divorce,’ the source added. Though the 40 years old reality star seemed to have done everything to help his husband cope up with his mental illness, however, she has outgrown the differences. 
The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, who seems to be a career-oriented person and wants to pursue her law degree and who takes her prison reform campaign quite seriously is now done with Kanye, who keeps on bringing new scenarios to light which is affecting the Kardashian. The source says “Kim just had enough of it."

Kim and Kanye finally decide to split up

On the other hand, Kanye is said to be done with the Kardashian family as well. Another source claims, “he wants to do nothing with them,” and that the reality show became “unbearable” for him.
Another source reported People that Kanye understands that Kim has tried a lot to save and restore their relationship but she’s done trying to make things right. The source also added that the Yeezy owner is doing fine. 'He is sad but okay, says the insider. ‘He kows the inevitable will happen and he knows it's coming soon.’

Kanye West

Last year while writing reports of the couple’s relationship status, I repeatedly wished that whether it's rumor or not, things may work out in their favor however, luck had some other plans. Nonetheless, if their happiness lies in separation, they better do. Their mental health and happiness is the only thing that matters. We hope they gracefully handle this stressful situation and come out of it stronger and better.  

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