Kenzo the Japanese celebrity designer has died from Covid-19

Kenzo the Japanese celebrity designer has died from Covid-19

He was 81 years old, had an incredible health, but the disease got him hard. Takada was by far the most famous Asian designer and from Paris, he made clothing, art, perfumes and was chosen by many celebrities like Michelle Obama and Millie Bobby Brown wore his dresses. Read more below.   

  • He passed away in the American Hospital of Neuilly-sur-Seine (next to Paris) after being diagnosed with the virus that put also the United States President, Donald Trump, in jeopardy.
  • At the time of his death, Kenzo had a net worth of $100 million. 
  • Singers like Rihanna, Birtney Spears and Beyonce loved his dresses and used them in many events like the Met Gala and Billboard Music Awards.

His famous glasses, wonderful thick hair and big smile will be forever remembered.

The official statement from the company reflected the love they had to their founder, who retired from business in 1999. "His optimism, zest for life and generosity continue to be pillars of our Maison. He will be greatly missed and always remembered.".

Singer Britney Spears in her new Kenzo Campaign from 2020

Also, the now creative director of Kenzo, Felipe Olivera Baptista posted a series of pictures from the designer in his old days laughing and painting. 

The tribute of the brand's Creative Director

The major distinction from the design of the brand are flower stamps and tigers. Not only did he make millions, but managed to mix the Asian and Western culture into one.

While Paris is in the middle of their famous Fashion Week celebrating life and colors, one magic soul has left this Earth. Kenzo will be forever remembered in our hearts and in his clothing. RIP, master!

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