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Jungkook's sweetest moments of his trending live video

The BTS singer has literally conquered America. Hours after his live video ended,  ‘Jungkook’ was the #1 trend in the United States. The BTS army shared their love after his cute reactions, smiles and live singing. He managed to entertain his fans with Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars as well! Watch the video, below.

  • The K-Pop idol shared a beautiful virtual moment with the fans, the BTS Army. 
  • Songs like 'Still With You' and 'Idol' are amongst the most popular videos of BTS. 

He performed the songs:

The K-Pop idol included covers like:

BTS fans reacted, sharing screenshots of his performances and praising his features, like his eyes and sharing his joy. 

"Jungkook’s eyes are the most beautiful in the universe, his little eyes shine and he has galaxies in them"

Others just wrote about being happy just seeing their favorite K-Pop idol:

"Yes Jungkook I was vibing with you"

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