King Juan Carlos I

Juan Carlos, King of Spain, leaves country amid corruption

After abdicating the throne to his son, King Felipe, he stepped out of public life. Now, he has taken a step forward and abandoned Europe to go to a lavish 5-star resort in the Dominican Republic amid corruption and infidelity charges. Read more below!

  • The separation between the former King and the Sofia, the Queen of Spain, has been a secret behind doors for decades.
  • Now, they are officially separated after Juan Carlos left the country’s capital, Madrid.
  • His former lover, Corinna Larsen, a German aristocrat has been involved in a corruption case that could affect the Crown’s reputation.
Juan Carlos and his lover, Corinna Larsen

Corinna, who has a net worth of $10 million, supposedly from her job as the Director of an armory in London. She also has a travel agency that organizes luxury safaris to Africa, where she was involved in a public scandal after the King was photographed hunting elephants.

Former King Juan Carlos hunting elephants in Botswana

Like the British Royal Prince Andrew, who decided to stay away from his scandals, the former King left to the tropical island of the Dominican Republic, where a good friend of him, Pepe Fanjul, a Cuban businessman, has a resort.

He will be sleeping in a villa similar to this one:

His Majesty is also accused of a bribe of almost $100 million for the construction of a high-speed train to Mecca in the Arab Emirates, where he officiated as the connection of AVE, the train company.  For sure, he will be resting after this much "stress" he got for his "job". The good, old, Royal life.

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