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Jisoo goes viral on Twitter after performing a magical song cover!

It feels like a trip down memory lane, doesn't it? The star's choice of the song goes back to a hit single from 2014. While each girl had a solo performance, Jisoo's went viral and trended worldwide on Twitter for 7 hours! For Blackpink's first ever online concert called 'The Show', she prepared a special cover! The star sang 'Habits' by Tove Lo. Why did she choose this song? Read below to find out!

  • Jisoo's solo performance went viral from Blackpink's first-ever online concert on January 31st, 2021.
  • The multitalented singer wrote the Korean lyrics for her cover!
  • In 2018, her cover of 'Clarity' by Zedd went viral all over the internet. 
Jisoo backstage at The Show

It's always nice to listen to songs that were famous in the early 2000s. During Blackpink's world tour in 2018, Jisoo covered 'Clarity' by Zedd and took the internet by storm. Her viral performance showcased her beautiful vocals and energetic moves. 

Now, the singer is back with another splendid cover. I am so excited! What song did she choose to sing for the fans this time?

Jisoo posing in the outfit for her solo performance

On January 31st, 2021, Jisoo's cover of 'Habits (Stay High)' by Tove Lo spread on Twitter like wildfire! Click here to see her outstanding performance! The eldest member of Blackpink trended worldwide for 7 hours! Korean fans have been praising how great she sounds. Her visuals are stunning too. 

I really love the way she transformed the song into a soulful rock-ballad, do you?

Jisoo's post on Instagram

The idol-actress had been preparing for this moment since November 2020. The 'How You Like That' singer even wrote the Korean lyrics herself! Click here to read the English translation for it! She won many hearts all over the world with her beautiful voice and stunning purple outfit! 

The next day, Tove Lo posted that she loved Jisoo's voice in the cover. Isn't that awesome?Jisoo really deserves all the praise she gets. Don't you think so?

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