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Jisoo reveals the name of Blackpink's newly added member!

You thought Blackpink had 4 members Jisoo, Jennie, Rose, and Lisa, right? I thought so too! However, it seems like Jisoo tends to think differently. The name she took left everyone shocked! Feeling curious? Read more below to see who and where this lucky person was named!

  • Jisoo is the eldest member of Blackpink. She was born in 1995.
  •  She is the lead vocalist of the group and has a net worth of $9 million.
  •  The star has 33 million followers on Instagram and brands like Dior and Cartier running after her! 
  •  Her talents include singing, acting, and playing the piano.  
Jisoo for Harpers Bazaar

There are always more people behind the scenes than we may ever know of. It is important that celebrities give them credit too. After all, they contribute directly to their success, don't they? This is exactly what Jisoo did. She's a gem!

Teddy Park and Blackpink

In Blackpink's Netflix documentary called 'Light Up The Sky', the 25-year-old singer revealed the fifth member of Blackpink. It was no other than their music producer Teddy Park! Cool, right? Fans were shocked but also happy with this inclusion.

Jisoo for Dior

'Teddy knows us better than we do. Seeing us together, Teddy catches new directions and guides us in a good way. He's the 5th member of BLACKPINK.' Jisoo stated. You rarely ever see celebrities naming their producers. It's adorable to see, isn't it?


We all have that parental figure and a trusted mentor in our lives. Like Justin Bieber had Usher, like Miley Cyrus had Dolly Parton, for Blackpink, it's Teddy.  Their journey is amazing and it will for sure last for decades. Regardless if the group stays forever or splits, Teddy will be for every one of the girls a kind soul that helped them during the most difficult times. True friends are the one that stay with us during the wonderful rollercoaster that is life. Do you have an influential figure like that? Let us know in the comments below. 


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